Build Strength & Power with Box Jumps

Jumping is an excellent exercise to build strength and power and is a good indicator of overall athleticism. It can also be fun!

Here’s how to do a box jump correctly (and safely) for maximum results from  Crossfit Rockwall

Key Points of the Box Jump:

  • Keep your feet together
  • Use your arms for balance and momentum
  • Aim for the middle of the box6a00e009915914883301116903fb4e970c 350wi 300x246 Build Strength & Power with Box Jumps
  • Have a soft landing on the box
  • Get full hip extension at the top (i.e. stand up all the way before or as you jump down)

Are you scared to jump? You’re not alone. Jumping onto tall objects can be intimidating…you think of tripping, falling, or banging your shins. Here is a great article, written by Lisbeth Darth from CrossFit Watertown, on conquering your fear of the box jump. There are many ways to scale this exercise and modify it so that you can do it!

Check out this video for scaling variations: Box Jump Variations from CrossFit, Inc.

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